• Political signs burned in Cotuit


    COTUIT, Mass. (MyFoxBoston.com) – A Cotuit man says political signs on his property were vandalized Tuesday.

    Ralph Baker is outspoken and passionate about his political beliefs. Around the time when President Barack Obama was re-elected in 2012, Baker says he used his property and political signage to engage neighbors in debate.

    "This whole sign, the whole purpose of the sign was to just get the conversation back on his actions," Baker said.

    Tuesday night, a man was caught on Baker's personal surveillance system. The man used gasoline to literally fire back at Baker and his beliefs.

    "You've got a guy showing up with a can of gasoline; splashing gasoline around and lighting things on fire," he said.

    Barnstable police and fire responded to his Cotuit home on busy Route-28.

    Investigators say he has been the victim of vandalism at least four times and they are reviewing Baker's video as part of a full investigation.

    Baker said that this time the vandalism has gone too far by putting himself and his property in danger.

    "There's somebody that absolutely refuses to have the individual to have their expression without their personal approval. I don't need their approval to express my opinion, but he seems to feel that I do," Baker said.

    He said he plans on replacing the signs and that they will be bigger, better and made of metal this time.

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