• Police: Suspect in chase hit by car, asks driver for ride to hospital


    Massachusetts State Police said a 25-year-old man was arrested following a bizarre chase with police.

    Fall River Police attempted to arrest the man, Cleveland Clay, on an outstanding warrant.

    Police said an unmarked car began following Clay's vehicle. When a marked police cruiser attempted to stop Clay, officers said he backed into the unmarked vehicle, and was able to get away from officers.

    A short time later, Westport Police found Clay's vehicle and began to chase him. Police said Clay abandoned his vehicle near Route 195.

    They found Clay being driven in another vehicle by a good Samaritan a short time later.

    Police said that when Clay was running along Route 195 he was struck by a truck. He asked the driver of that car to take him to the hospital. Police said the driver was unaware that Clay was fleeing police.

    According to police, Clay had tried to hide a gun in the man's car.

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