• Police: NH men pull bats, knives, and brass knuckles during dispute


    MANCHESTER, N.H. (MyFoxBoston.com) – Three Manchester, N.H. men and a teenager were arrested following a traffic-related dispute allegedly involving knives, bats, and brass knuckles.

    Officers from the Manchester Police Dept. responded to the alley in the rear of 186 Central Street for a large fight. Upon arrival, police found about 50 people surrounding the confrontation and were able to detain four people in a car who were trying to back away from the scene.

    Based on witness accounts police arrested 41-year-old Josue Ramos, 20-year-old Jean Aristud-Burgos, 19-year-old Luis Disdier, and a 16-year-old Manchester native.

    Following an investigation, officers determined the suspects were driving through the alley when they got into a fight with a 34-year-old Laurel Street resident who was backing her car out of her driveway.

    The woman's 29-year-old Central Street neighbor saw the dispute and came to her aid.

    During the commotion, Ramos reportedly punched both the neighbor and driver in the face while Aristud-Burgos brandished a knife.

    According to police, the men left, but promised they would return and a short time later they did.

    Ramos allegedly punched the woman again, and the teenager allegedly punched the neighbor in the head with brass knuckles. Aristud-Burgos once again produced a knife and made threats while Disdier brandished a baseball bat. Ramos also armed himself at one point with a small souvenir type bat and hit the neighbor in the torso, causing injury to his ribs, police said.

    Ramos was charged with operating after suspension, riot, simple assault, and second degree assault. Aristud-Burgos was charged with riot and criminal threatening; the 16-year-old was charged with riot and simple assault; and Disdier was charged with riot.

    Police recovered two bats on scene, but were unable to find any knives or brass knuckles.

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