• Police looking at mother of alleged racist graffiti target


    LUNENBURG, Mass. (MyFoxBoston.com) -- Details in a search warrant related to a reported incident of racist graffiti in Lunenburg suggest police are looking at the alleged target's mother. Police confirmed Wednesday that the mother is in fact a strong suspect.

    Isaac Phillips' mother, Andrea Brazier, called police on Nov. 15 after she claims someone spray painted "Knights don't need n******" on the side of their home.

    Phillips, who is biracial, was a member of the Lunenburg High School football team at the time of the incident. The family accused the 13-year-old's teammates of playing a role in the act of vandalism.

    A search warrant released Wednesday shows police were looking for "any and all instruments" related to the crime, as well as paperwork including Brazier's handwriting, at the family's Chase Road home. Officers were in the Phillips home for about an hour Tuesday.

    Investigators claim they found two cans of spray paint, as well as five rounds of ammunition, while executing the search warrant. They also allege Brazier made false statements related to the investigation.

    The search warrant claims she told police she was "done with the whole incident" and that she "wanted nothing further to do with the investigation." Brazier reportedly said "OK" when an FBI agent told her she was the one who committed the crime, which is why she wanted the investigation to stop. She also said "no" when asked if her husband or son were behind the graffiti.

    Police claim days after Brazier contacted them, two officers visited the home to look over the graffiti. While outside, the officers found two burnt aerosol cans in the family's fire pit. One officer collected the cans, while Phillips' father, Anthony, said the cans were rustoleum spray paint he used while renovating the living room. He then reportedly changed his story, saying he used the paint during a construction job on a blue house. When the officers noted the cans were white, Anthony said they were used to fix house gutters and that they were flex seal cans.

    "You're not going to get anything from me besides no comment," Anthony said to reporters during the search Tuesday. "Okay, I already said everything I have to say. No comment. No comment. Ask the police."

    No arrests have been made in the incident. Police officials announced Monday they have failed to find any conclusive evidence linking members of the high school football team to the incident. The team forfeited the remainder of its games this season during the probe.

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