• Police investigate hazing allegations involving Chelmsford's football team


    CHELMSFORD, Mass. (MyFoxBoston.com) – Authorities in Massachusetts and New Hampshire are investigating hazing allegations involving members of Chelmsford High School's football team.

    Chelmsford Superintendent Frank Tiano told FOX 25 the allegations of misconduct were made against multiple athletes. Tiano said school officials have taken action and are following proper protocols; however, he would not confirm what has been done and would only say the investigation on their end is complete.

    Chelmsford's deputy chief of police said the alleged hazing incident occurred while the football team was attending football camp in Moultonborough, N.H. in late August. According to the Moultonborough Police Department, the incident occurred on or about Aug. 23.

    The camp was allegedly held at Camp Robindel on Lake Winnipesaukee from Aug. 21 to Aug. 24, Nat Greenfield, one of the owners and the director of the camp, told FOX 25. Greenfield also said the ages of the football players are about 15, 16, and 17.

    Greenfield was notified by his property director that there was an allegation of a "combination of a hazing incident perhaps sexual in nature" when the police department began its investigation.

    The alleged incident occurred in the "double cabin," which is located on the lake. It holds up to 40 campers. Typically, sophomore football players stay in this particular cabin because there are a large amount of sophomore players, Greenfield said.

    Ten coaches accompanied the team at camp, and Greenfield stressed the camp's owners and directors are not in charge of taking care of the kids. They lease the camp to the Chelmsford football team, provide food, and make sure they are taken care of with electricity and water, but do not oversee the campers.

    Greenfield said nothing of this nature has ever been alleged in the 10 plus years Chelmsford has been coming to Camp Robindel.

    The police department was notified about two weeks ago and is assisting the Moultonborough Police Department with the investigation. Criminal charges may be filed.


    Letter sent home to parents/guardians of Chelmsford High School students:

    It was reported that members of our football team allegedly engaged in inappropriate conduct while away at camp in New Hampshire last month. Upon notification of such allegations, our high school administration immediately began an extensive investigation. Due to the nature of the accusations, Principal Caliri contacted the proper authorities. Our administration has concluded its investigation and has taken action. As with any school based incident involving students, we cannot share the specific allegations or the results of the inquiry. As reported, there is an ongoing police investigation headed by the Moultonborough, NH police department. We are assisting them in their efforts as requested. We appreciate your patience and understanding as this process moves through the proper channels. At Chelmsford Public Schools, we have always and will continue to take seriously the safety of each and every student under our care.

    Dr. Frank Tiano



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