• Police in Cambridge seize 4 pounds of pot, cash from car


    CAMBRIDGE (FOX 25 / MyFoxBoston.com) – Police arrested a 33-year-old Cambridge man following a traffic stop on Thursday after finding four pounds of marijuana and $5,400 within the vehicle.

    Jakeem Gonsalves is facing several charges, including distribution of a Class D controlled substance with the intent to distribute, violating drug laws near a school or park, and driving with obstructed or nontransparent windows, for the incident which occurred near Kendall Square on Sept. 20, reports Wicked Local.

    Officers pulled Gonsalves over near Hampshire Street around 9:05 p.m. because the suspect's vehicle reportedly had excessively tinted rear windows.

    As one of the officers went to test the tints on the windows, he noticed an "overwhelming aroma" consistent with marijuana. He asked Gonsalves if they could search his car based on the probability that the car had weed in it.

    According to the news website, Gonsalves told police that he didn't agree with the search, but that they could proceed.

    Inside the car, police found weed, cash, and zip lock bags.

    Gonsalves was the target of previous drug investigations concerning marijuana distribution.

    For more information: Wicked Local - Cambridge

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