• Police in Bellingham looking for suspicious man


    BELLINGHAM, Mass. (MyFoxBoston.com) -- A suspicious man has been seen allegedly approaching women and even middle school girls in Bellingham.

    Police say this man has been spotted three times in the past week. The most recent incident was Thursday when police say that man approached two middle school girls after they got off the school bus near Hilltop Drive. Police say he harassed the girls and touched himself inappropriately.

    "He drove up, grabbed his genital area and he said to the girls 'Hey baby, you want some of this?'" the mother of one of the victim's said.

    She went on to say that the suspect drove away as her daughters' friend took off toward her house. But, that wasn't the last of him.

    "Turned around came back up the street again and approached my daughter who was alone and told her 'Hey I'll pay you for it,'" the mother said.

    The first incident occurred last Saturday when police say he approached a jogger on North Street near Blackstone Street and exposed himself.

    A few days later, on Tuesday, police say he drove up to a girl walking in the same area trying to talk to her and making inappropriate gestures.

    Sergeant Lee Rolls said, "He did drive up to the girls and he grabbed his groin area."

    He went on to say, "He's been pretty good at sticking with the same MO. We believe it's the same gentleman. He is saying some certain words to the girls like ‘I'll pay you' or ‘Would you come over here?'"

    Rolls suggests keeping an eye on children in the area if they are going to be at school bus stops. He said that the police will be vigilant in watching those areas, but "it's always nice to have the parents out there, too."

    Police say the suspect is a light skinned black or Spanish male in his early 20s. He drives a red or maroon older 4 door vehicle.

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