• Police find cocaine, heroin hidden in prosthetic leg


    SOMERVILLE, Mass. (MyFoxBoston.com) – A 29-year-old Quincy man was arrested Friday after police found cocaine and heroin hidden in his prosthetic leg.

    Police were in East Somerville for routine drug surveillance when they reportedly saw Mayrann Zeletsky, a target of a prior drug investigation with three outstanding warrants, exiting her Broadway home, reports The Patriot Ledger.

    Shortly thereafter, Zeletsky was picked up by three men, Imran Laltaprasad, Vincent Weaks and Raymone Washington. Police trailed the car back to Zeletsky's apartment where they approached her regarding the warrants; however, they noticed she was holding something tightly in her left hand. Zeletsky unclenched her hand revealing six bags of cocaine. She claims she had just purchased them for $250 from Laltaprasad.

    According to the newspaper, police arrested Zeletsky and then searched Laltaprasad, who had $350 in cash on him. Police brought him to the station where Laltaprasad removed from his leg a clear plastic bag containing 10 bags of cocaine and two bags of heroin.

    Laltaprasad, 29, was charged with conspiracy to violate drug law and three counts of drug possession with intent to distribute.

    Weaks, 30, of Dorchester, was charged with conspiracy to violate drug law.

    Zeletsky, 54, of Somerville, was charged with conspiracy to violate drug law, possession of a class B drug, and warrants for driving with a suspended license, license not in possession, unlicensed driving and conspiracy to violate drug law.

    Washington, 23, of Chelsea, was charged with conspiracy to violate drug law.

    For more information: The Patriot Ledger

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