• Police: Family of five attacked officers at Canobie Lake Park

    SALEM, N.H. (MyFoxBoston.com) -- Five family members were arrested at Canobie Lake Park after an altercation over knives at the security checkpoint allegedly turned into a brawl with two police officers.

    Police say the incident started at around 1:30 p.m. Monday when the amusement park's security asked the family to put the knives they were carrying on their belts back into their car, for safety reasons and to comply with park policy.

    "Anything that might look like a weapon or could be conceived as a weapon, we don't allow into the park," Chris Nicoli, the park's spokesperson said.

    Some members of the family then became belligerent, police say, and two Salem, N.H. police officers assigned a detail at the park responded to the front gate. At that point, police say one particular family member became more belligerent, yelling and swearing in front of other families and children.

    "They were just upset they couldn't bring knives into the amusement park," Sergeant Jason Smith said.

    One of the officers then attempted to arrest the man, when he became "extremely combative towards the officer," according to a police statement about the incident. The other family members then allegedly attacked both officers, jumping on their backs, punching and kicking them, and grabbing for their weapons.

    "One in particular jumped on the second officer and was kicking him in the head," Smith said.

    The two officers then radioed for help, and more Salem police officers arrived to quell the situation. The two original responding officers were both injured, one with bumps, bruises and cuts, and the other with a serious shoulder injury that required him to be taken to the hospital.

    After the situation died down and five people were arrested, police say the family's mother "faked a seizure," was evaluated by paramedics from the Salem Fire Department, and released.

    The family members, all from Vermont, face a variety of charges. Joshua Perry, 23, and Brian Perry, 18, both face a felony riot charge, as well as resisting arrest charges. Joshua has also been charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest, and Brian has also been charged with simple assault.

    Damian Perry, 18, Ashley Perry, 20, and Alan Perry, 45, were each charged with criminal trespass and disorderly conduct. Alan also faces a felony charge of second degree assault.

    It was unclear when the family members will next appear in court.

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