• Police display items stolen in dozens of home break-ins


    ATHOL (FOX 25 / MyFoxBoston.com) Police in Athol displayed hundreds of stolen items to the public at Athol Town Hall on Saturday in hopes of returning them to their rightful owners.

    Investigators seized the items as part of an investigation into between 50 and 100 home invasions and robberies in communities including Athol, Orange, Petersham, and New Salem. Some towns out of state were also impacted by the robberies. They won't say who, if anyone, is currently in custody, but they hope their display will help build their case.

    "For us to bring a charge in court, we have to have a victim. For us to have a victim, people have to identify their property and that was the goal today, to bring people in, reunite them with their items and help build our case," says Athol Police Chief Thomas Anderson.

    Investigators say the thieves took small things that they could get away with easily, such as jewelry. Their display of nearly 700 items included rings, bracelets, an old silver tea kettle and even a Charlie Card.

    Deborah Rolski's home was one of the dozens broken into by what investigators believe is a small group of thieves.

    "Of all the cousins that could have gotten my great grandmother's watch it was given to me," says Rolski.

    The New Salem resident had her great grandmother's watch stolen from her home, but she will be getting her property back.

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