• Police continue to investigate suspicious death of Winchendon puppy

    WINCHENDON, Mass. (MyFoxBoston.com) -- Police released details of a necropsy performed on a family dog allegedly found hanging from a tree last month.

    On the afternoon of April 14, Snoopy, a 14-week-old Beagle, was let out of his house while his owner, Allyson Clark, went inside to make dinner. After about 25 minutes, Clark's 10-year-old daughter went outside and found Snoopy hanging from a tree.

    Clark said the dog was hung by his neck with rope from the family's bird feeder. The rope was wrapped around Snoopy's neck so tightly that it killed him, and the family had to cut the rope off after he was cut down from the tree.

    "I don't know how somebody could ever do this to us," Clark said.

    The necropsy, performed at Angell Animal Medical Center in Boston,  found that the dog died from "diffuse pulmonary edema," which can be caused by asphyxia, electrocution, congestive heart failure and anaphylaxis.

    The veterinarian who performed the necropsy said that asphyxia could not be ruled out, because even though signs of strangulation were not present, such signs are not always apparent.

    Snoopy may have also suffered blunt force trauma to his head, the veterinarian stated, though that would not have caused his death.

    The investigation remains ongoing, Winchendon police said, and there have been "several other factors" that have made the investigation difficult, including that the dog was already buried by the time police and animal control responded, seven minutes after the family called the police, and three hours after the incident occurred.

    Additionally, police clarified that a neighbor's dog had not been hung a year ago, but instead died when it jumped through a garage window while on a short leash.

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