• Police arrest 'Peeping Tom' in Mattapan

    BOSTON (MyFoxBoston.com) – Police responded to a call early Thursday morning after a man was seen on a surveillance video peering into a bedroom window at 38 Hallowell St. in Mattapan.

    At about 1:12 a.m. Thursday morning, police officers received information from the 911 dispatcher that the caller was watching the suspect in the rear of the home on a surveillance video.

    Jason O’Neal, 31, of Mattapan was seen removing a white bucket from the porch of the home and placing it below a bedroom window in order to see in.

    Once the officers arrived, they set up a perimeter around the area to help prevent O’Neal from possibly escaping.  Once O’Neal saw the officers he dove to the ground behind a vehicle, police said.  The officers then arrested him.

    On the ground near the suspect, police found his cell phone that appeared to be actively recording.

    O’Neal was charged with trespassing, attempting to commit a crime and the Massachusetts “Peeping Tom” statute.

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