Plymouth police captain's gun found miles away in Freetown


Fox 25's Bob Ward has exclusively learned the gun a Plymouth Police Captain lost at Wareham District Court on Monday, was found miles away in Freetown, Mass.

Ward also learned when the gun was returned, police noticed the gun's serial number was scratched.

On Monday, Jan. 28, Plymouth Police Captain John Rogers, Jr. reported his .357 Magnum revolver missing inside Wareham District Court. Captain Rogers told authorities he left the gun in a courthouse bathroom.

A search of Wareham District Court failed to turn up the gun.

Plymouth Police Chief Michael Botieri told Ward the gun was located after an intensive investigation with other law enforcement.

Chief Botieri would not tell Ward where the gun was located.

However, sources confirmed for FOX 25 News the gun was found in the town of Freetown.

Chief Botieri also confirmed the gun's serial number was scratched.

Typically, the identifying serial number of a gun is obliterated before it reaches the black market so that it cannot be traced.

Chief Botieri said the case of the missing gun is closed. There will be no charges filed against the person who returned the gun to police.

Chief Botieri added an internal investigation into the missing gun remains open.

He added that Captain Rogers will likely face "severe disciplinary action."

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