• Plow driver Dogg takes the muzzle off for VB


    BOSTON (MyFoxBoston.com) – Dogg the Plow Driver made an appearance on the Fox 25 Morning News Wednesday, sitting down for a lengthy interview with Fox commentator VB.

    "I was telling someone on the way up here I should have one of those T-shirts that says, ‘I'm with stupid,' with an arrow pointing at you," said VB.

    "And then my arrow can point up," said Dogg.

    Dogg, whose real name is Mark Hussey, became both an Internet hero and villain after he posted a video of himself on YouTube plowing snow over cars during the Blizzard of 2013. Dogg said that the video wasn't so much about making fun of burying cars as it was about his amazement that there was so much snow to plow.

    "Normally it's not like that," said Dogg. "The way that road was, if I wasn't doing what I was doing they would have had to shovel out to get to their car to shovel out."

    His f-bomb laced commentary was what seemed to draw the most ire from the Internet.

    "I understand it perfectly; I've been told for years I never know when to shut my mouth."

    What he didn't know, however, was how quickly videos can spread on the Internet.

    "On Thursday morning it went from 4,000 hits to 61,000 hits in the afternoon," said Dogg. "I didn't know about the Barstool Sports.com thing until Ted Daniel came and said, ‘Hey, your Internet thing is going viral.'"

    Some people called for his firing, while others said he was just doing his job. Dogg says he understood the reaction.

    "If I didn't know anything about plowing and I had to dig out my car I would have been ticked off too," said Dogg.

    He was fired from his plow job with RSG Contracting, a private contractor employed by the city of Lowell.

    Over the weekend Dogg posted an apology video on YouTube. In it, he said he realized he made a mistake.

    "Dogg, the snow monster, sadistic plow driver. Just makin' a little video to apologize to the people, City of Lowell," he starts out. "Was my boss' decision a good decision to fire me? Yes…Am I an idiot? Yes. I'll be the first one to admit that. Should I have been taking the video? No."

    Dogg said he wasn't mad at his boss for his firing.

    "My boss did lose a lot of money by losing the contract," said Dogg. "If anything I'm mad at myself for putting my boss in that position. I'm even madder at myself that my boss had to put the operations manager in that position. She has enough on her plate right now that she (shouldn't have) to deal with stupid stuff like my video."

    VB asked what Dogg was doing for employment now.

    "I can't go knocking on some plow guy's door and say, ‘Hey, can you put me in a truck? I can push the baggage back,'" said Dogg.

    Plowing aside, Dogg says he's been approached by a half dozen reality shows and has narrowed it down to two that he would like to appear on.

    As for his personal life, he said he's never gotten so many phone calls and emails.

    "A news station from Tennessee called me yesterday," said Dogg. "I've never been to Tennessee. I don't know anybody that lives in Tennessee."

    He also addressed critics who, because of his appearance and demeanor, have commented that it looks like he does drugs.

    "I don't do drugs. I don't even drink," said Dogg. "You get old. You get tired. How many old guys do you see out pounding down shots and chasing girls around? I've mellowed out a bit, believe it or not."

    Dogg says he just wants the world to know that he's not quite a regular guy.

    "I just want everyone to know that I never claimed to be an intellectual," said Dogg. "I'm a hard working guy. I've been getting up at five in the morning and doing things in the trucking business for 30 years now."

    As far as his nose rings and colorful attire goes.

    "I'm just different like that," said Dogg. "I just like to be different."

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