• Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant still on backup generators


    PLYMOUTH, Mass. (MyFoxBoston.com) – The Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant continued to run on backup generators Monday.

    The company that operates the plant, Entergy Nuclear, said the plant was in a cold shutdown condition and was running on generators. Entergy says there is no worker or public safety concern as they work to troubleshoot the problem.

    The plant was initially knocked offline Friday during the blizzard that rolled through New England. Pilgrim and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission announced that power resumed on Sunday, restored from one of the three off-site lines. As work was continuing to restore the other two lines, Pilgrim officials said off-site power was interrupted.

    Power was again being provided by diesel generators, as it was since the storm disrupted electric transmission, which resulted in an automatic plant shutdown on Friday.

    There was no word when the plant was expected to be back online.

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