• 'Perfect mom' stress study looks at pressure put on mothers

    DEDHAM, Mass. (MyFoxBoston.com) -- Sunday may be Father's Day, but it's mothers who are the focus of a new study.

    Mother's guilt may be nothing new, but just how deeply it cuts is only now being discovered. According to the University of Michigan, it could lead to depression.

    The new study explored how women view themselves as a parent. About 113 Midwestern women completed a questionnaire about depression and whether they felt competent as parents. Women who carried guilt and worried about how they were viewed as mothers by other parents were likely to become depressed.

    At a Dedham Little League game Wednesday, FOX 25 spoke with women about the pressure to measure up and how that guilty can be isolating, especially in the light of social media.

    "Have everything perfect like your house, work, being there for the kids, making sure their homework is done," said Yvonne Foster.

    Researchers say they want to look into the issue further. They believe it's the first step in closely examining how women internalize what is expected of mothers in our society.

    "Everybody has the fighting kids, the bills that add up, and health issues, but no one posts that on Facebook," Mara Acel-Green, psychotherapist.

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