• Patrick: No plans to change Senate succession law


    BOSTON (AP) - Gov. Deval Patrick says it's too soon say whether he'd requireanyone he appoints to a Senate seat on an interim basis to agree not to run tofill the seat permanently.

    Patrick made the comment in response to questions about speculation thatU.S. Sen. John Kerry could be appointed to a federal post by President Obama.

    That could pave the way for yet another special Senate election.

    After Sen. Edward Kennedy died in 2009, Patrick named Paul Kirk to fill theseat until a special election could be held. Kirk pledged not run in thatelection, which was won by Sen. Scott Brown.

    Patrick said he would prefer a system where he could appoint someone toserve until the next statewide election in 2014, but said there's no appetiteto change the law.

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