• Partly sunny and colder on Wednesday


    by FOX 25 Chief Meteorologist Kevin Lemanowicz:

    A much cooler start to the day Wednesday. Temperatures range from the 20s northwest of Worcester to the 40s on Cape Cod and the islands. We'll all see sunshine and highs in the 40s today.

    The weather will stay quiet into the weekend. Next week could be another issue. I've been telling you about a possible nor'easter forming again next week. The computer model runs from last night show a storm will indeed form, but the track differs. The storm will likely form offshore in the Atlantic, but get pulled back to some degree toward New England.

    We've seen this happen a couple times already this fall. One model keeps it far enough offshore that it would not be close enough to bother us. Of course, that model (GFS for fellow weather geeks) had no storm at all yesterday. Another model (ECMWF) has consistently kept a storm forming, but the track has changed. It looked like a direct hit yesterday morning from that one, but it now seems to keep it a little farther out. It would still, on that track, bring us some rain and strong winds at the coast.

    This forecast has huge implications since it is just before Thanksgiving. Even a glancing blow with strong winds at the coast could cause big problems at Logan. If you are debating whether to get away this weekend and beat the rush, I say go! That way if this storm does hit, you'll be outta here!

    During the high tide cycle this morning, between 9am and 1pm, there could be some minor splash-over along east-facing shoreline. Tides are running astronomically high and winds are blowing across the water from the north. Shoreline roads could see some minor flooding and there may be some beach erosion. The high tides can always be found on our weather page. Keep track of this important forecast and have a great day.


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