• Parking wars: Southie woman's car vandalized over spot


    BOSTON (MyFoxBoston.com) -- A woman told FOX25 that her car was vandalized over a parking spot.

    In Boston's parking wars, the first line of defense is the space saver.

    Resident Tim LaGarace said, "I was out there for two and a half hours in a suit after work shoveling, and i can tell you i would be very upset if somebody came and moved it and took my spot.""

    A bucket, cone and chair are popular items used to save spots that people took hours to dig out. The city sets a 48 hour guideline, but Mayor Marty Walsh says if you shoveled, the space is pretty much yours.

    But there's one rule.

    "You take somebody's spot, you put yourself at a pretty big risk of getting vandalized," Southie resident Alex Jurgens said.

    And that's what happened to Kassandra Alevelo.

    "They didn't have anything saved here, so I figured I just got lucky and I parked," she said.

    She says she was staying with her boyfriend, and woke up to her car windshield smashed and the words "Not OK" keyed into her car door.

    "I think we're all just tired of the snow honestly, but I mean, no need to make it worse on me. I'm not creating the snow," she said.Alevelo was the latest casualty in the city's parking war and she says her boss had little sympathy for her. When she couldn't get to work, she was fired.

    "I have to find a new job; a new daycare for my daughter, and try and get my car fixed all at the same time," she said.

    She says she knows all about having to shovel out her spot, she did it in Chelsea where she lives, but Friday night said this vandal went too far.

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