• Parakeet saved after it gets sucked into vacuum


    BOSTON (MyFoxBoston.com) -- Officials at Angell Animal Medical Center are calling Birdie the parakeet lucky to be alive after she was sucked up into a vacuum.

    According to the medical center, last Sunday Birdie crawled into a "shop-vac" industrial-style vacuum seconds before her unsuspecting owner turned it on.

    After seeing feathers in the vacuum's canister as Birdie was being tossed around, the woman immediately stopped the machine and rushed the parakeet to the animal hospital.

    An almost-unconscious Birdie had a broken wing and lost a good amount of blood when veterinarians received the bird. On Wednesday, an avian and exotic animal veterinarian amputated a quarter of Birdie's wing, and after a day of recovering, the parakeet returned home to Milton.


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