• Overzealous plow driver discusses video of him burying cars during blizzard


    LOWELL, Mass. (MyFoxBoston.com) -- FOX 25 spoke with a Mass. plow driver on Thursday who added some colorful commentary to a YouTube clip that went viral after the Feb. 10 blizzard.

    Mark Hussey, whose nickname is "Dogg," works for a private contractor paid to plow public streets north of Boston.

    Dogg was working on the Sunday after a blizzard that dropped more than two feet of snow in parts of southern New England. The 47-year-old Billerica resident was on hour 20 of work when he decided to record himself in his Mack truck pushing snowbanks back in Lowell. Days later, Dogg became an Internet sensation when barstoolsports.com posted his video.

    "Oh I'm sorry, was your car down there?" Dogg laughed as he pushed snow onto a car. "You want to find your car? You come see me, I'll let you know where your car is."

    Dogg says pushing the snowbanks back was "his enjoyment for the night" and that he has to do it.

    "I probably don't have to enjoy it that much, but hey it's the little things in life," Dogg tells FOX 25's Ted Daniel.

    FOX 25 visited one of the roads Dogg is shown working on in his video. Read Street resident Al Bedard was still digging out from the storm when he watched the video.

    "It's very aggravating, you want to throw a shovel at him, it's very aggravating," says Bedard.

    Melissa Luce lives just a few snow piles away from Bedard. She also wasn't pleased to see the video.

    "Part of your job is to not intentionally bury more people in the snow, it's to get rid of the snow so cars can drive," says Luce.

    Dogg says he is careful not to damage anyone or anything when plowing. He also tells those who are unhappy with the video he was just doing his job to widen the road.

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