• Outgoing Mayor Thomas Menino casts ballot in Boston's municipal election


    BOSTON (MyFoxBoston.com) -- Boston Mayor Thomas Menino cast a ballot Tuesday for the person he hopes will be his successor in City Hall next year.

    The mayor has kept mum about which candidate he supports, only telling reporters Monday he just wants to make sure the city moves forward.

    Menino exited his polling place at the Franklin D. Roosevelt School in Hyde Park to applause after voting Tuesday morning.

    Mayor Menino admitted he is leaving behind unfinished business to a crowd of reporters outside the school.

    "There are some things that are unfinished, especially the education piece," the mayor explained. "We made a lot of gains, we're not perfect. If you look at our scores and graduation rates, we've done really well, but you know we still have problems and I hope in my next life I'll be able to get involved in someplace with education because the kids of Boston are so important to me."

    Both candidates for mayor expressed high praise for Mayor Menino on the FOX 25 Morning News Tuesday. City Councilor John Connolly said he doesn't think anyone can be quite like the longtime mayor, calling it an "impossible standard." State Rep. Marty Walsh said Mayor Menino has done an "incredible job in a lot of ways."

    Menino announced he would not seek re-election in the spring after suffering a series of illnesses. Taking office in 1993, he is the city's longest serving mayor.

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