• Opinions vary on Fitchburg special ed aide on leave over modeling pics


    FITCHBURG, Mass. (MyFoxBoston.com) -- Racy photos are raising eyebrows about a local special ed aide who also models. Should the school district take action for something she does in her spare time, off campus?

    Kaitlin Pearson's story is everywhere. She is a 23-year-old special ed aide who moonlights as a seductive model. And she doesn't hide it. Most of the photos are on her Facebook page.

    People's opinions vary when it comes to this educator.

    "Don't share your body with the whole world," one woman said.

    "They should pay more attention to what her performance is on the job, what her character is," Brenda Asis, supports teacher said.

    Pearson works in the special education department at a Fitchburg elementary school. Administrators say they were unaware of her provocative portfolio until an anonymous sender mailed the photos to the superintendent of schools. She has since been placed on paid leave.

    Gael O'Brien is the ethics columnist for Entrepreneur Magazine. She says what may have been taboo in 1950 is more acceptable in the digital, transparent world we now live in.

    "And I understand that it's critically important in schools to be looking for the right kind of role model and right kind of approach but I think it's inappropriate to assume that because some pictures were taken somebody they have known and trusted and valued is a different person," she said.

    O'Brien says she can make a good argument, that it should have been disclosed.

    "Disclosing that she's also a model is part of who she is, so arguably that was relevant," she said.

    O'Brien is also an executive coach. She says Fitchburg school administrators have a challenge ahead: balancing the concerns of some parents with the rights of the teacher. She advises that they make it as transparent as possible.

    Pearson remains on leave as administrators decide on her future.

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