• One year later, police say woman’s murder may have been planned


    BOSTON (MyFoxBoston.com) – One year after 25-year-old Keosha Gilmore was gunned down as she sat in a car at her boyfriend's house, Boston homicide detectives are still working the case.

    Det. Frank McLaughlin told Fox 25's Bob Ward that Gilmore was shot at point blank range.

    "Is there any way the gunman did not see who he was shooting at?" asked Ward.

    "Quite honestly, it's something we'd have to ask the gunman," said McLaughlin. "I don't think he could have mistaken Keosha for her boyfriend."

    The gunman escaped, running across Alabama Street, hopping over fences into back yards and into a cemetery.

    Investigators found the gun used to kill Gilmore in that cemetery.

    "He had an escape route," said Ward.

    "I would say he did. When we walked back here, if you look into these back yards you've got a fence here, you've got another fence there," said McLaughlin. "This is the only place the wall becomes open and it's only three- to four-feet up."

    McLaughlin said he believes someone planned Gilmore's killing.

    "This was an intentional act," said McLaughlin. "Someone came down this street with a mission, conducted it and left."

    Police said they've collected a great deal of evidence in the case but are looking for more. Anyone with information is asked to call McLaughlin directly at 617-343-5827.

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