• One Fund to distribute remaining donations to qualified marathon bombing victims


    BOSTON (MyFoxBoston.com)— One Fund Boston announced Friday that they have a draft protocol in place to distribute the remaining $19 million to the marathon bombing survivors with long-term medical costs and to fund a medical collaborative with hospitals.The second distribution would include cash gifts to individuals with medical injuries that have long-term medical costs, One Fund Boston stated in a press release. The organization also plans to work with leading hospitals to provide treatment and evaluation for individuals that suffer from invisible wounds such as mental health, PTSD, tinnitus, and hearing loss.

    One Fund estimated the medical collaborative would only cost 2 percent of the total funds. The rest of the money would be divided in cash gifts to survivors who qualify to receive them. Future donations would fund programs and services for the marathon survivor community.

    Anyone who is eligible to receive money from the second distribution will be sent an application once the protocol is finalized. The check will be issued to them after all the applications are completed. The protocol also allows individuals to opt out of the second payment if they feel that they have enough money. The organization believes this will be the last distribution.

    The final protocol is scheduled to be finalized next Saturday and applications for gifts will be sent out on June 26.

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