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One Fund administrator sets June 30 deadline for paying victims


BOSTON ( -- The One Fund is expected to be distributed to victims of the Boston Marathon bombings by June 30.

Boston Mayor Tom Menino's office announced the final distribution protocol put forth by fund administrator Kenneth Feinberg in a press release Wednesday.

Victims will have until June 15 to register for benefits under the One Fund, which reached over $30 million this week.

Any victim looking to meet with Feinberg to discuss questions or concerns in filing a claim can contact or by telephone to (866) 298-2951.

Feinberg said at a public meeting last week that victims should lower their expectations. He says the fund won't pay out nearly enough to fully compensate the families of the three killed or the more than 260 injured, and may not pay much of anything to those with less serious injuries.

In a statement Wednesday, Feinberg said fund administrators remain committed to assisting the bombing victims with what he calls an "unprecedented" showing of support.

"The outpouring of support for The One Fund has been unprecedented in my experience," Feinberg said. "We remain committed to channeling that generosity to assist those most impacted by the bombings and to do so by the end of June." 

To learn more about the fund and how to make a claim, visit: