• One complaint prompts removal of a Mass. RMV's Christmas decorations


    BRAINTREE (FOX 25 / MyFoxBoston.com) The Registry of Motor Vehicles in Braintree took down their Christmas decorations after one customer complained.

    A customer at the RMV felt it was insensitive or offensive to single out one holiday by displaying a few Christmas decorations in the lobby.

    The decorations hadn't been up for long when the complaint came in this week.

    A spokesperson for the RMV tells FOX 25 there wasn't much on display. The small tree, some wall decorations and a Santa Clause were enough to make one person upset and that is apparently all it took to get the décor taken down.

    The fact that they were removed upset some other people at the RMV on Friday. Some people who spoke with FOX 25 were ready to do some complaining of their own to get the Christmas symbols restored.

    "Because of one person's complaint, to have the registry undecorated for the Christmas holiday is not fair," says Mary Beth Chiavaroli of Milton.

    Stoughton resident Tara McCarthy was hopeful that another complaint could help get the decorations put back up.

    "If it only takes one customer to get them down then maybe one customer is what it'll take to get them back up," said McCarthy.

    Robert Kelley of Braintree said he isn't in the position to make the decision for the RMV.

    "Personally, I think I would like to see them up. Then again, I'm not the state or the government or anything like that," said Kelley.

    Part of the complaint was also that the decorations were up in a public building.

    The Massachusetts Department of Transportation released a statement in response to the outrage, it reads:

    "The RMV is a customer service agency and when we receive complaints about our services or our branches, we do our best to rectify the issue."

    State officials did not comment on whether or not the display would be put back up as a result of the outrage.

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