• Off-duty Boston officer accused of pointing gun at disabled man, wife


    BOSTON (MyFoxBoston.com) -- A Boston police officer is accused of pointing a gun at a disabled man and his wife in the area of Forest Street Wednesday night.

    According to a police report, the wife called 911 to report her husband was returning home from the store when three men attempted to rob him. The woman said one of the men, allegedly off-duty police officer Sandro Fonseca, pointed a black handgun with a laser on it at her husband.

    The alleged victim told police the men were on the other side of the street when one of them ran up, pointed the gun directly at him, and said, "What you doing, what you talking about?"

    The victim's wife said she was on the phone with him at the time of the incident and he said, "Gun." She told investigators she went outside and spoke with two of Fonseca's friends, who said he was drunk in an attempt to downplay the incident. The woman said Fonseca then returned to the scene, pointed the gun at her, and said, "What you say, b****?"

    The woman called 911 and the alleged suspects fled into an apartment building on Forest Street.

    Responding officers entered the building to the sound of loud arguing inside a first floor apartment. The occupants opened the apartment door after several requests.

    Once in the apartment, police said Fonseca spoke incoherently and moved toward one officer. He was reportedly holding a police radio in his right hand. Fonseca was pat-frisked, at which time a blue steel .380 Smith and Wesson "Bodyguard" with insight laser fell from his waist band.

    Fonseca was arrested and charged with two counts of assault with a dangerous weapon. Police say the victim positively identified the off-duty officer as his attacker after his arrest.

    The handgun used in the alleged incident is not believed to be his service weapon.

    Fonseca was placed on administrative leave with pay as result of the charges. He was arraigned Thursday in Roxbury District Court. His bail was set at $5,000.

    Fonseca's friends, identified as David Fernandes and Alides Fonseca, were also taken into custody. Arresting officers claim Fernandes sustained a small abrasion to his cheek after resisting arrest.

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