• Obama to meet with Democratic and Republican lawmakers


    WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama is making plans to talk with Republican lawmakers at the White House in the coming days. This, as pressure builds on both sides to resolve a deadlock over the federal debt limit and the partial government shutdown.

    With that shutdown in its ninth day -- and a potential federal default just days away -- neither side is showing signs of yielding today. But there are indications that both sides might be open to a short-term extension of the debt limit and a temporary end to the shutdown, giving them more time to resolve their disputes.

    Obama will huddle later today with House Democrats, as both parties look for a way forward.

    Republicans are still demanding talks on deficit reduction and Obama's health care law as the price for boosting the government's borrowing authority and returning civil servants to work.

    Obama insists that Congress must first end the shutdown and extend the debt limit before he will negotiate.

    Yesterday, House Speaker John Boehner told reporters that he's not drawing any "lines in the sand." Hours later, Obama told a news conference that he would "absolutely" negotiate with Republicans on "every item in the budget" if Congress first sent him short-term measures halting the shutdown and extending the debt limit.

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