• Obama praises departing Boston mayor


    BOSTON (AP) - President Barack Obama is among those praising Boston Mayor Thomas Menino as he begins his exit from the political stage.

    In a statement released by the White House on Thursday, Obama said Menino had served the city and its residents with "extraordinary leadership, vision and compassion."

    The president lauded Menino for his efforts to revitalize the city's neighborhoods, improve schools, reduce gun violence and help the homeless.

    Obama said there were no two people who wear their hearts on their sleeves for Boston then the mayor and his wife, Angela.

    Menino announced Thursday that he would not seek another term after 20 years at City Hall.


    "Boston is the vibrant, welcoming, and world-class city it is today because of Tom Menino.  For more than two decades, Mayor Menino has served the city and every one of its residents with extraordinary leadership, vision, and compassion.  His efforts to revitalize neighborhoods, schools, and businesses, better integrate police officers into their communities and reduce gun violence, reach out to the homeless and marginalized, and engage young people in the life of their city has charted Boston on a course for a better future.  No two people wear their hearts on their sleeve for the City of Boston and its people as openly as Tom and Angela Menino.  And as they depart City Hall next year, Boston will be a better place to live, work and raise a family because of the Meninos' proud service to the city they love."

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