• NY man arrested for impersonating soldier killed in Afghanistan


    CHEEKTOWAGA, N.Y. (MyFoxBoston.com) – A Cheektowaga man was arrested in connection with impersonating a soldier who was killed while overseas.

    Brandon Ashraf, 28, was arrested Tuesday and charged with criminal impersonation in the second degree after an investigation into Internet activity that took place in 2011 and 2012. Officials say that Ashraf was using the identity of Matthew Pucino of Maryland, who was a member of the United State Army and was killed in Afghanistan in November of 2009.

    Officials found out about the case when Pucino's sister, Melissa, reported that someone was using her brother's identity on Facebook and dating websites. Ashraf used Pucino's photos and information to set up the accounts and even set up a meeting he arraigned on one of the dating sites with a woman in Florida.

    "He died for his country, he provided your freedom to go ahead and do this kind of crap," Pucino's sister Melissa said.

    Ashraf was arraigned and release on his own recognizance.

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