• Nurse saves Methuen High varsity hockey player's life


    (FOX 25 / MyFoxBoston.com) – A bystander was able to save a 16-year-old Methuen High varsity hockey player's life after one of his arteries was severed during a game.

    Junior forward Brady Barron was six minutes into the game against Gloucester on Jan. 14 when his glove fell off and he fell backwards. Barron says another player's skate came up and sliced his wrist as he was falling.

    The skate severed one of Barron's veins, an artery, and tendons.

    Janielle Monbleau was sitting on Methuen's bench at the time of the injury and rushed onto the ice. The 30-year-old part-time athletic trainer and critical care nurse was able to slow the bleeding until EMTs arrived at the scene.

    Barron underwent surgery at Boston Children's Hospital soon after the incident. Doctors at the hospital say the teen likely would have bled out within two minutes and that Monbleau saved his life.

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