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Norwood man accused of illegally tattooing 13-year-old girl


NORWOOD (FOX 25 / – A 21-year-old Norwood man could face misdemeanor charges after allegedly giving a 13-year-old girl a tattoo in his home.

According to the Norwood Police Department Facebook page, police are seeking a complaint against the unidentified man for tattooing the teenage girl. Police say they tried to talk to the suspect after learning from a school resource officer about the girl's tattoo.

When the suspect refused to talk, officers filed an affidavit in Dedham District Court. They obtained a search warrant for the suspect's home and recovered needles, ink, tattoo sketches and other related supplies.

It is against the law to administer a tattoo without a permit and to administer a tattoo to a person under 18 years old.

Families whose children may have received unlawful tattoos are encouraged to contact Officer Jamie Mahoney at