• NJ teen sues parents for financial support


    MORRISTOWN, N.J. (MyFoxBoston.com) -- An 18-year-old from New Jersey who reportedly left her family's home because she didn't like their rules is now suing for financial support.

    Rachel Canning claims she was abandoned by her family. They claim she ran away because she didn't want to do chores or have a curfew.

    Her parents say late last summer, the tug-of-war for independence blew up into full-blown rebellion. Her father didn't go into specifics, but on his Facebook page he says she ran away to live with a friend's family. The father added that the fight is killing him and he loves his daughter, but he won't enable her.

    Sean Canning, a former police chief, also says she's being given bad advice by the family his daughter lives with. The father of Rachel's friend is a lawyer who is bankrolling her lawsuit.

    Canning wants to attend the University of Vermont. She goes to a private New Jersey high school where she is a cheerleader and plays lacrosse. The teen says she hopes one day to be a biomedical engineer. She is requesting reimbursement for legal fees and for her family to pay the tuition they stopped paying when she left home.

    According to the Daily Record, Rachel says she was told to break up with her boyfriend or leave home. Her father says she left on her own because she was simply unwilling to follow his demands. It is a struggle that is not unfamiliar to parents, but rarely does it end with a judge playing referee.

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