• NJ Gov. Christie says Republicans 'gotta get back to winning' at Boston meeting


    BOSTON (MyFoxBoston.com) -- FOX 25's Sharman Sacchetti spoke with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie after he spoke at an event during the Republican National Committee's summer meeting Thursday.

    Gov. Christie is one of the Republican party's big guns and could be a candidate for the party's 2016 presidential nomination. He was the headline for the RNC's summer meeting at the Westin Waterfront in South Boston.

    While the RNC would not allow cameras inside Thursday's luncheon, Sacchetti did try to ask the governor a couple of questions as he left the hotel.

    "Gotta get back to winning," was all Christie would say as he exited the hotel.

    Earlier in the day, dozens of media outlets were camped outside the luncheon where Christie was speaking. After it was over, they were told they could get a quick picture of him through the doorway.

    Republicans who watched the speech told Sacchetti they liked what they heard, and thought others should have been able to hear it as well.

    "This is the kind of event that I wish the press had been in the room for, to see yourselves whathis message was," said Jan Staples, of Maine. "Obviously, this was a meeting of the committee and we do talk about strategy and we talk about some in-house propriety kinds of information, but there are plenty of sessions, that absolutely would be, I believe anyway, to our benefit to have you all listening in as well."

    Cohasset businessman Gabriel Gomez, a former candidate for U.S. Senate, spoke at the meeting Wednesday, but his speech was also closed to cameras.

    The RNC told FOX 25 former U.S. Senator Scott Brown was scheduled to hold a reception Thursday night at Fenway Park with Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett.

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