• NH tech accused of infecting patients with hepatitis makes deal


    CONCORD, N.H. (AP) - A traveling hospital technician accused of infecting dozens of patients with hepatitis C through needles tainted with his own blood has reached an agreement.

    David Kwiatkowski could get a sentence of as little as 30 years instead of the nearly 100 he could have faced if convicted in a trial.

    The agreement was filed Monday. It also contained new revelations that he was fired from two Michigan hospitals and resigned from two others before beginning his traveling career.

    Kwiatkowski is accused of stealing painkiller syringes from an Exeter Hospital lab in New Hampshire and replacing them with blood-tainted saline.

    Thirty-two patients in New Hampshire have been diagnosed with Kwiatkowski's strain of hepatitis C. There have been seven cases in Maryland, six in Kansas and one in Pennsylvania.

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