• NH residents told they've been targeted by a hit man in e-mail scam


    PORTSMOUTH, N.H. (MyFoxBoston.com) -- New Hampshire police are warning residents of a strange e-mail scam in which recipients are told they have been named as the target of a "hit."

    Portsmouth police say they have received several reports of a person claiming to be a "hit man" telling residents that they have been hired to assassinate them. The e-mailer then tells the recipient that they had a change of heart, but still need to be paid.

    The e-mailer reportedly contacts the recipient days later and tells them to pay up or they will carry out their hit.

    Portsmouth officials remind residents that this is a scam and that providing any information to the e-mailer could leave them open to identity theft.

    Investigators say this is not the first time this scam has been carried out. The FBI has been probing the scam since 2006. They say it appears to have originated in Russia and has popped up across the world in different forms of communication, including text messages.

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