• NH parents upset over molestation video shown at elementary school


    MANCHESTER, N.H. (MyFoxBoston.com) -- Parents of students in a Manchester, N.H. elementary school are upset over a video shown in health class they were not made aware of ahead of time.

    The video is called "Yes You Can Say No." It's designed to teach students how to stand up for themselves in a variety of safety situations. It shows them turning down a ride from a stranger and refusing to be bullied by other kids. But the majority of the 20 minute video centers around helping a young boy stand up to his uncle who's molesting him.

    The film doesn't show the molestation, but the boy describes it in detail. Parents of the third graders who saw the film are upset about the content and the fact they never received a letter letting them know the video was going to be shown like school department policy requires.

    "I think it's rude," one parent said.

    Another parent insisted that school officials "should have sent the letter home" before they showed the video.

    Asst. Superintendent David Ryan says it's unclear why the letter never made it home to parents. He says if it had, parents would've had the chance to view the movie first and then decide if they want to opt their child out of it or request a replacement assignment. Ryan says the department will use this as an opportunity to reinforce its policy of parental communication, but it will not revamp its curriculum. Ryan says it's a research-based comprehensive model used nationwide.

    The movie has been shown in Manchester schools for more than a decade. This is the first time a concern has been raised.

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