• N.H. man's pregnant wife on death row in Sudanese jail


    (MYFoxBoston.com) – A New Hampshire man’s pregnant wife is on death row in a Sudanese jail. Her crime: refusing to publicly denounce her religion. Now, her husband is on a mission to save his wife’s life.

    Protesters outside of a court in Sudan were outraged by a decision to condemn a pregnant woman to death.

    The woman is Meriam Ibrahim. She married American Daniel Wani in 2011 in Sudan. She's 8 months pregnant and in jail, along with the couple’s 20-month-old son.

    Daniel's brother Gabriel, who lives in New Hampshire also, is in shock over the death sentence.

    "She say she doesn't know anything about Islam. She was raised by a Christian mother," he said.

    Merriam married Daniel who is Christian, but strict Sudanese law says that since Miriam's father was Muslim, she is considered Muslim.

    That's why their son, also considered Muslim, must stay behind bars with his mother. In Sudan inter-religious marriages are considered illegal and punishable by death.

    The case has caused an international outrage. Both N.H. Senators Jeanne Shaheen and Kelly Ayotte have written letters to Secretary John Kerry asking the State Department to help. Both have also signed on to a bi-partisan resolution condemning the death sentence.

    Senator Ayotte's office released the following statement Friday, which read in part:

    "I've called for the US government to offer her political asylum and continue to demand that the US use high-level diplomatic measures to secure her and her son's safe release."

    In the meantime, Meriam is due to give birth very soon.

    "By Sudan law she have the birth first and after the birth she have to feed the baby for two years," Gabriel said.

    After that, she will be hanged.

    Gabriel says he speaks to his brother daily and so far he says US efforts have done little. He said his best hope is that growing international concern will turn the tables.

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