• NH man survives after skiing accident


    (MyFoxBoston.com) -- A N.H. man survived after a skiing accident left him stranded for seven hours.

    It started off as a typical day of extreme skiing for 22-year-old Patrick Luk. He had his route mapped out and had hiked Mount Adams to the perfect spot.

    "I was basically just standing there looking down the ravine planning on how I was going to ski through the gully and I went to go turn a little bit and a slab broke loose," Luk said.

    When the slab broke loose, one of Luk's skis came off. He tried to stop himself from falling, but it was too late. He then began the plunge of almost a thousand vertical feet.

    "I remember tumbling down a little bit and one point I got thrown on my back and was going down head first kind of like reverse luge and I just remember going airborne, I felt weightless and at that point I was just like oh crap," he said. "I thought that I was done."

    He finally stopped in some soft snow. Unfortunately for Luk, that was the easy part. He called 911, but the call wouldn't connect. He tried to walk, but couldn't. So he spent the next seven hours crawling back to his car with only one thing going through his mind.

    "Basically getting out as fast as I could," he said.

    His mom was in agony those seven hours, until she got the call and found out that he was okay.

    Luk suffered a concussion, broken nose and a possible knee injury, but amazingly is okay otherwise. He wants to remind other adventure seekers of one thing: to wear a helmet.

    "The helmet that I was wearing saved my life," he said.

    He plans to continue doing extreme sports, saying, "I'm not going to let an accident stop me from doing what I love."

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