• NH man at risk for meningitis, Framingham pharmacy investigation continues


    MILFORD, NH (FOX 25 / MyFoxBoston.com) A New Hampshire man was recently notified that he is one of the 13,000 people who may have been affected by a meningitis outbreak linked back to a pharmacy in Framingham.

    James Lefebvre, of Milford, NH, tells FOX 25 that he has pratically chewed his nails off and has been smoking heavily since learning the news.

    "A stiff neck I've had, I was nauseous for a week, I still get nauseous, a bit of a stiff neck," says Lefebvre.

    Lefebvre gets medication shots in his back and noticed something wasn't right on Sept. 20.

    "The weird thing is, this last set of shots, I didn't get any relief from it which I found was unusual," the 50-year-old tells FOX 25.

    The Merrimack clinic he goes to recently notified him that he is at risk. He says they've been in contact with him twice, but other than that he hasn't talked to any other state or federal officials.

    The New England Compounding Center in Framingham is being investigated by federal and state officials and has surrendered its license. They have also recalled all of their products.

    Compounding pharmacies receive less federal oversight than other drug suppliers, and compounded drugs are not approved by the FDA.

    State regulators with the Board of Registration Pharmacy met privately in Boston to discuss their investigation.

    "On behalf of the board I want to express our deepest sympathy for the patients and their families affected by this tragedy," says one representative.

    Several have died, more than a hundred have been diagnosed, and all James can do is wait.

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