• NH journalist charged after device found in bathroom


    ROCHESTER, NH (MyFoxBoston.com) -- A New Hampshire journalist was arrested Thursday in connection to the discovery of a camera-like device inside a women's bathroom.

    Foster's Daily Democrat reports Conor Brendan Makem, 45, of Dover, is charged with invasion of privacy and falsifying physical evidence for his alleged connection to the discovery inside a building that houses Foster's Daily Democrat and the Rochester Times. Makem served as a reporter for the Rochester Times for 10 years prior to his termination Thursday.

    According to the newspaper, a woman notified Makem of a small camera lens she found in the ceiling of the bathroom at Merchants' Plaza on Oct. 7. When the woman said she was late to an appointment, Makem told her he would contact the police about the discovery.

    The woman later contacted police after she found it unusual that they had not gotten in touch with her about the incident. She learned Makem never contacted police about the incident. She later spoke to Makem, who said he threw the device in a dumpster after learning it was "actually just a red light." Investigators were unable to recover the device from the dumpster.

    Police received a search warrant for Makem's workplace and home. They seized a Macbook, flash drives, a digital camera, an iPhone, and other devices in their search. Investigators did not say whether or not any evidence was recovered from the devices.

    Makem was held on $10,000 cash bail ahead of his court appearance Friday.

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