• NH boy's beloved pet cow found after days on the run


    EPPING, N.H. (MyFoxBoston.com) -- A New Hampshire boy's beloved pet cow returned home Thursday night after the animal ran off from his family farm earlier this week.

    Ryan Hoelzel is a 9-year-old Epping resident with a love for 4-H shows. He saved up for months to buy a calf he hoped to name "Panda" so that he could enter it into the shows.

    The 9-year-old finally saved up $350 to buy the calf, but it never made it to confines of his family's Fremont Road farm. Ryan's family says the calf jumped a fence and escaped after he was brought to the farm.

    Epping residents tried to help the family in bringing the animal back to the farm, but the calf eluded capture. Eventually, someone suggested using another cow to lure the calf back home and it worked.

    The Hoelzel family is concerned that the calf could jump the fence again. They plan to return the calf to the farm where they purchased him since containment is an issue.

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