• Newton superintendent loses 1 week pay amid plagiarizing allegations


    NEWTON, Mass. (MyFoxBoston.com) -- The superintendent of Newton schools has lost a week's pay for plagiarizing the governor in a graduation speech.

    Superintendent David Fleishman allegedly plagiarized Governor Deval Patrick, according to boston.com. Graduates of Newton South High School published a special edition of the school paper in order to formally accuse Fleishman. Many parts of Fleishman's speech were almost exactly the same as Patrick's speech at Boston University's most recent commencement ceremony.

    “In retrospect, I should have cited the governor in my remarks as I did David McCullough Jr.,” Fleishman told boston.com. “In my judgment, it is essential that public officials not only accept critical feedback but acknowledge when we have made mistakes.”

    After missing a week's pay, Fleishman will only be down $5,000 of the total $276,666 he makes per year.

    Brenda Hodges, former superintendent of Mansfield schools, resigned last week after she was also accused of plagiarizing a graduation speech.

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