• Newton police officers caught egging a co-worker's home in Framingham


    Three off-duty police officers were reportedly behind the egging of a Framingham home that was believed to be done by two teenagers.

    The MetroWest Daily News reports that Framingham Police were called by a Griffin Road resident just before 2 a.m. on Dec. 11 about two teenagers throwing eggs at a home in their neighborhood. The caller told police that the culprits took off from the home in a red car.

    Framingham Police stopped the alleged getaway car near the home and learned that the occupants were two off-duty Newton police officers. A third off-duty officer was found near the house shortly after police pulled over the car.

    One of the officers reportedly told police that it was a prank and a "joke between friends."

    The egged home belongs to a Newton police sergeant. No charges were filed against the officers.

    To read more: MetroWest Daily News

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