• Newton 'neighbors' criticize family's Christmas decor


    NEWTON, Mass. (MyFoxBoston.com) -- A Newton family received a note from their "neighbors" criticizing their Christmas decorations. The "neighbors" who sent the letter wanted to point out that the entire neighborhood is not Christian and may not want to look at their decor, especially given that it is "cheap, tacky and kitschy."

    The note stated that the "neighbors" have held their tongue in the past, but felt it was important to make their concerns known this year. Because "not everybody in the neighborhood is Christian" they believe that people do not want to "see such a flagrant display" of Christian beliefs.

    The letter also stated that the decorations were tacky, calling them a "terrible eye-sore on the neighborhood."

    "All religious matters aside, your decorations themselves are beyond tasteless," the letter said.

    The neighbors also took issue with the amount of time that the decorations have been up.

    "Christmas was still more than six weeks away when you began putting out your decorations. Why on Earth do you feel the need to have them out so long?" they asked in the letter.

    The "neighbors" conclude the letter by telling the family that they are free to worship and celebrate however they'd like and they are even "free to have bad taste" but they ask the family to do those things in the privacy of their own home.

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