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New scam targets National Grid customers


BOSTON (FOX 25 / National Grid is warning their customers about a new scam involving their utility bills.

Officials say that the scammers call customers pretending to be National Grid representatives.

Scammers ask the customers to purchase a "Green Dot MoneyPak card" for the replacement of faulty meters or to pay outstanding balances. They then ask the customers to reveal a 14-digit security serial number on the pre-paid card, which gives the scammers access to the money put on it.

National Grid does not ask customers to pay directly for faulty equipment.

Officials for the utility company say that they are not conducting a MoneyPak program. They remind anyone who does purchase a MoneyPak card to be used in any transaction that the 14-digit serial number should never be given to anyone else unless they are sure that the transaction is legitimate.