• New meters tested as part of Boston parking pilot program


    BOSTON - Drivers in Boston may soon find themselves parking at a different type of meter, with a much larger range of capabilities.

    The city is partnering with MPS to try new meters that are equipped with camera, built in speakers, a microphone, and a touchscreen that can be used to call 911.

    "The hope is that we are introducing some new technology to be forward thinking,” Commissioner of Transportation Gina Fiandaca said.

    Through the use of an app, drivers can locate available parking spaces and be navigated to them.

    This week two of the new meters are being piloted on Beacon Hill.

    "What we've heard through our Go Boston 2030 planning process, is there is a technology component to mobility in the future,” Fiandaca said.

    The meters don’t have full activation, but they are helping the city gather data about the user experience.

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