New jailhouse letter from Aaron Hernandez surfaces


NORTH DARTMOUTH, Mass. ( - Aaron Hernandez is writing from behind bars at the Bristol County House of Corrections again. has obtained another letter fromthe Patriots' former tight end, this one written mid-November, before Thanksgiving. The friend who received this letter is also from Bristol, Conn., according to TMZ, which is where Hernandez grew up.

He remains in a unit where socializing is not allowed, so that may explain why so many letters have surfaced. The 24-year-old accused murderer is housed in what's called a special management area. Only a handful of prisoners share the status. They are not allowed to have direct contact with each other, and they get out only 3 hours a day
It seems like a tough life, but you would never it know it from this peice of jail mail TMZ says Hernandez recently sent to an unidentified friend.
"I'm way less stressed in jail, than when I was out of jail," the letter reads. Hernandez also claims to have read 25 books so far, an  talks about becoming stronger and wiser behind bars
As we have seen in other letters believed to be written by Hernandez, the former football playert proclaims his innocence and expects to one day walk away a free man
"I could have made better choices with my selected few but it's life, you live and learn!" he wrote in the letter.
And it appears hernandez may have taken up drawing in his spare time. Near his signature is a sketch of a woman with a large backside. Above it is penned -  "that's a bad" - then a word that rhymes with itch.

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