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New England's Unsolved: Susan Dequina


In Lynn, police are trying to get to the bottom of an incredibly violent mystery. In the Fall of 1979, a local woman vanished. Her disappearance touched off a wave of homicide that Lynn police are still investigating.

The woman at the heart of all this is 22-year-old Susan Dequina. Her boyfriend was a member of the Quebec chapter of the Hell's Angels motorcycle gang.

When Susan Dequina disappeared, police wanted to talk to her boyfriend, but they never found him. And when they did, it was too late.

All these years later, Lynn police are still searching for Susan; still searching for a woman who vanished without a trace. She has been gone now for three decades but people are still searching for the vibrant single mother of two who disappeared from Lynn in 1979.

At the time of her disappearance, Susan was living with her boys in an apartment. Occasionally, her boyfriend Michele Gagnon would stay over. And soon, he too would be devoured in a streak of violence police are still struggling to understand.

Susan Dequina's family remembers a rebellious young girl who grew up fast. Jimi Hendrix was her musical hero, and she was in love with the sixties vibe of peace, love, and personal freedom. And Susan especially looked out for her younger sister, Brenda, who has been living with muscular dystrophy her entire life.

In the hours before Susan vanished, she asked a teenaged boy next door to babysit. She told him Michele was taking her to buy a refrigerator. The teen was surprised to find the apartment filled with people when he arrived.

They stayed for about an hour. They all left with Susan and Michele at the same time. The teen never saw them again.

As the night wore on, concerned about school the next day, the teen called his mother and she waited for Susan to come home. At 1 a.m. Michele returned without Susan.

The next day, Susan's parents reported her missing.

About a month after Susan disappeared, her boyfriend's room mate was murdered on the other side of Lynn. But this was no ordinary murder, it was brutal and it was gruesome.

Robert Gambino was shot to death, his body parts scattered all over the property. And just weeks later, Michele Gagnon was found shot to death in Bridgeport, Conn.

The case was officially listed as a suicide, but police are taking a fresh look. But what about Susan? How does her disappearance fit in? No one is sure, but police say Susan wanted to break up with Michele because he and his Hell's Angels partners were using Susan's rented cars to move drugs.

Lynn police plan to mount a new search for Susan Dequina soon. In the meantime, if you know anything about what happened to her or Robert Garbino, the Lynn police department wants to hear from you.

Call their tipline at (781) 477-4444 or you can text in your tip by texting the keyword TIPLYNN to the number 847411.